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Marion State Bank

Sometimes crazy ideas pay off in big ways. That one sentence sums up the history of Marion State Bank.

In 1983, Scott Jones was sitting in his office when a crazy idea popped into his head: why not put together a softball team? He presented his idea to bank president Bub Sehon. He also made another proposal: Why not have the bank sponsor the team?

Those ideas may have been crazy, but Mr. Sehon liked them. He said "yes" to both, and the rest is history.

Over the team's eight-year history, Marion State Bank claimed numerous championships in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, including a USSSA state championship in their first season of play. In all, Marion State Bank won 75 percent of the games they played and took home trophies from 80 percent of the tournaments in which they participated. Whether they were playing in Lafayette or Little Rock or Monroe or Meridian, this team took pride in its defense and its prowess at the plate, hitting for contact or launching a moon shot depending on the situation.

What mattered most to Marion State Bank was their common goal of playing when the park lights were turned off and winning championships. When you think about it, that's not so crazy after all.


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