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Heart Center of Lafourche

Not every year do we induct a TEAM, or individuals into our Hall of Honor. However when this team was nominated last year, the unanimous vote of the HOF Committee validated the efforts of Heart Center of Lafourche, based in Thibodaux, LA.

Formed in the mid 80s, Heart Center formed as Thibodaux Merchants, where each player sponsored himself, or secured a personal sponsorship. Sponsorship relief came in 1990 when the local Budweiser Distributorship came to the rescue. Over the four year sponsorship, the team took on the moniker of the brand the local distributor was attempting to promote…Bud Dry, Bud Ice and Busch.

In early 1993, Dr. Wayne Pharo approached the team about his sponsorship of the successful softball team.

Over the next eight (8) years, Heart Center of Lafourche proceeded to capture three (3) State Championships, six (6) state runner-ups, and two (2) Third Place awards. Heart Center advanced to Divisionals and Nationals over the eight years, however never left with any hardware.

The idea of creating a TEAM, a group has to not only work well together, but get along in reaching a common goal. The Heart Center of Lafourche Softball Team fit that definition. Despite residing throughout South Louisiana, the core group of ten (10) players stayed together over the 16 year history of the group. And after all of these years, and having gone in various directions, their friendships have stayed strong and active.


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